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The wandering transport bike rental system (Wander-TMS)

Our Dollys for the “Wander-TMS” Fleet (Image: Anita Benassi)

In the project “Wander-TMS” (engl.: Wandering cargo bike sharing system) 4 municipalities receive a transport rental bike system for the test period of 5 months, i.e.:5 stations with 3 transport bikes each.

  • 15 transport bikes in total:
    • 4 e-transport bikes (type: Dolly)
    • 10 transport bikes (type: Bakfiets)
    • 1 e-inclusion transport bike (type: Nihola Flex 2)
The e-inclusion bike can transport a wheelchair. Here TINK is taking a test ride before the bike was included in the Wander-TMS fleet in 2021 (Image: Marco Walter)
  • Registration and booking is done via an app and will be provided
  • Service and maintenance provided by TINK in cooperation with a qualified workshop
  • TINK supports activities with the local population, e.g. opening ceremony, test stands and test course, flyers, further marketing activities, vandalism prevention work.