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Marco Knöpfle


Marco Knöpfle is a qualified psychologist specialising in environmental and organisational psychology. He has a lot of experience in developing publicly funded projects, advising companies in the camping and tourism industry and managing a small company operating throughout Europe. He successfully completed his training as a client-centred counsellor 20 years ago.

He has been involved with cargo bikes for more than 30 years, when he bought his first own bike of this type. In the early 1990s, he founded his first cargo bike shop and sold a range of Long John and Christiania bikes in Konstanz. In 1995, he initiated the first “free cargo bike” project in Konstanz: as an alternative to parking, two Christiania bikes were purchased in a housing project and handed out free of charge through a health food shop.

This was later followed by another free cargo bike for the residents of a student dormitory. In 2003 – 2005, he was the operator of the “Konstantz Velobus” based on the seven-seater Conference Bike. From 2015, he initiated and accompanied the project TINK – Transportrad Initiative Nachhaltiger Kommunen (Transport Bike Initiative of Sustainable Communities) on behalf of e-fect eG as national project manager, which involved the conception and scientific monitoring of public transport bike rental systems in Norderstedt and Konstanz. In addition, from 2017, the e-TINK project (Transport Pedelec System Norderstedt). Other ventures related to the topic: VELOFANT – sale and rental of transport bikes.